About Us


It was in 2000 when we decided to establish Campotondo. At that time there were no wineries in Campiglia d’Orcia but there was a vivid recollection of peasant farmers who produced traditional “mountain” wines for centuries. Ours is the story of generations of farmers who cultivated strong and unbreakable ties with the land. Campotondo has meant rediscovering these bonds and strengthening them in order to pay back the land and those who cultivated it before us, those who passed it on to us intact and fertile.


When my father planted our first vineyard I was only 5 years old; maybe, that’s why, ever since I can remember, wine has always been part of my life. It’s a passion that has grown with me and has oriented my choices and my path. Even while studying I was enthusiastically dedicated to my family’s winery; participating in exhibitions and tastings to introduce our wines, receiving guests at the winery and telling our story in person and online. For me talking about Campotondo means talking about my family, my land and my future. I couldn’t be prouder!

Signature Elena Salviucci Cantina Campotondo

For many years I worked in a completely different field, but my family had always been a family of farmers for generations. I believe that’s why at some point I needed to go back to the land. During the 90’s I began working in this field, gaining as much experience as possible thanks to wine cellar courses, tastings and field work. Then, in 2000, I planted my first rows in a plot of land owned by my family and since that moment wine has taken over my life. I love to define myself as “a wine craftsman” because my hand and my philosophy are behind every wine I make: quality and personality without compromise, respect for the land and natural life cycles.

Signature Paolo Salviucci Cantina Campotondo

Until I was 30 the idea of drinking wine appalled me; then, after meeting Paolo, I got closer to this world step by step and I fell in love. Now, I can’t imagine a perfect meal without a good glass of wine. I believe that founding a winery from scratch, like we have done, requires courage and determination, as well as a certain amount of sacrifice...but then satisfaction arrives, and rewards all our efforts. Today, Campotondo is a continuous coming and going of people from all over the world and every new encounter has enriched our life.

Signature Sabrina Cantina Campotondo

How it all began

Small steps and a grand project, that’s our story
Campotondo becomes ours


We bought the Campotondo complex with the dream of reinstating a wine cellar on the main building’s ground floor, where we in fact now produce our wines.

The first vines are planted


Campotondo project began to take shape thanks to the planting of the first vines.

Our first harvest


The first harvest in which we gathered the fruits of our efforts and work.

The first bottle: Tavoleto


The release of our first Campotondo bottle; our Chardonnay Tavoleto.

Our first red wine: Banditone


The release of our the first red wine. Banditone is a wine that we created through much passion, thought and desire.

Our Sangiovese: Mezzodì


In order to enhance the distinguishing features of our ‘’mountain’’ Sangiovese, Mezzodì was born.

Our reserve: Il Tocco


We launch our reserve, il Tocco released for the first time with the vintage 2007.

Our limited edition: All’Incontro


Our passion for the territory and one of its most interesting native varieties led us to conceive All’Incontro, a wine produced with Colorino in limited numbered editions.