Sustainability, Craftsmanship and Territoriality

Essence of our work

Sustainability because we follow the cycles of nature, respect the earth and preserve biodiversity to ensure a future for our project and work in synergy with the ecosystem. Craftsmanship because we conduct all phases of the work ourselves, taking care of every detail to be able to guarantee the absolute quality of our wines. Territoriality because we believe that wine should reflect the nature of its production area, allowing it not only to be identified, but to be enhanced to the fullest.

The Territory: Val d'Orcia

Where the most beautiful wine in the world is born

The Val d’Orcia with its iconic landscape outlined by sinuous contours of hills and cypress trees needs no introduction. Campotondo is located right here, more precisely in Campiglia d’Orcia, a medieval village perched atop a hill, a true natural terrace overlooking the Val d’Orcia.


The considerable temperature range resulting from both altitude and proximity to Mount Amiata gives the wines elegance and power.


The soils of our vineyard have been shaped over thousands of  years  by slow geological evolution. They are composed of roughly equal amounts of clay, sand and loam, and all are enriched by minerals.


We mainly cultivate Sangiovese ,the true icon of Tuscan varieties, some Colorino, which is a very bold and intriguing native variety, and some rows of Merlot and Chardonnay in our 2.5 hectares of vineyard.


We personally handle every stage of production, taking care of each single detail in order to give our wines their absolute best quality.


Our Wines

Wine from Love
We wanted our wines to represent the land where they are born even thousands of miles away, and above all we wanted them to express our style. We thought them out and made them with care, detail by detail, from vineyard to bottle.

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An All-Family Tradition

From generation to generation Quality and Passion are handed down
Paolo Salviucci

I like to call myself ''a wine craftsman'' because behind each of my wines is my hand and my production philosophy: personality and quality at all costs, with full respect for the earth and the cycles of nature.

Elena Salviucci

When my father planted the first vineyard I was only five years old, perhaps that is why since I can remember wine has always been a part of my life.

Sabrina Guerrini

After meeting Paolo, I approached this world in small steps and fell in love with it; now I can't imagine a perfect meal without a good glass of wine.


Guided tour of the winery and wine tasting.