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Our Wines

Our Wines

Wines from Love

We wanted our wines to represent the land where they are born even thousands of miles away, and above all we wanted them to express our style. We thought them out and made them carefully, detail by detail, from vineyard to bottle.


Tavoleto is an unusual choice we made and a challenge we took with the intention of interpreting a great international variety , like Chardonnay, by giving it a personal and unique touch.


Mezzodì is a vibrant, fresh wine which expresses the authentic taste of Sangiovese, its  most typical feature, harvest after harvest. 

Sangiovese, Merlot and Colorino

Banditone is an austere and introverted wine, which takes some time to get to know as its deep essence slowly opens up sip after sip. 

Il tocco
Sangiovese and Colorino

Il Tocco, which comes from the selection of a single plot of vineyard, is a wine that stands out for its balance between elegance and intensity.

Colorino and Sangiovese

All’Incontro is the outcome of a special encounter with Colorino, a very bold and intriguing native variety.

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